Phone Funding LLC

NO CREDIT CHECK! Get The Phone You Want With Low To No Down Payment!

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Financing your Phone

No Credit? Bad Credit? It doesn't matter when you apply for our Finance Options!.

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How to Market

Use our amazing website and tools to easily Build Your Cell Phone Business! Get started in a less than a minute! You can even get rewarded for referring others!

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about us

We work in conjunction with mobile phone service providers in all 50 states. The program is simple. No Credit Check, Low - No Down on Phones for All Carriers!

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Phone Funding LLC supplies cell phones and our lenders provide a no credit check - lease to own payment plan. Our third party lenders and PayPal provide the financing. All of our phones are optimized and manufactured to be used on T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint & Verizon Towers.

This page is an introduction to those wishing to build their team. If you are only interested in getting a phone:

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No Credit Needed

No Credit Needed. With 3, 6, 9, 12, & 24 Month Finance/Lease to Own options with 90/180 same-as-cash options. Choose "lease to own" at checkout.

Welcome to our website - it is free to use. Further information is sent when you register.

This proven concept, which we have tested & tweaked for over 6 months, is simple, really. We have found that people are not actively searching for cell service. But those looking for a phone are open to changing carriers if you can save them money and provide good service.

Secondly, over 71% of Prepaid Wireless customers neither have the cash or the credit to obtain a high end phone. This could easily explain why a lot of you are having people NOT join up with you. They could just be embarrassed to tell you that they cannot afford a high end phone without a 2-year contract.

The 3rd fact is that, in order to make any marketing work, you need a list of people interested in the No-Contract mobile market. You need to advertise (costly) or have a huge network of friends, family and/or prior business associates.


You can use our services free and learn how to build your list of potential members. It is FREE. It is simple. It just takes some time each week. It works!

FACT: 71% of prepaid users do not have the cash or credit to get a good smart phone. What if they could advertise and get the phone they want - pre-configured to their carrier - zero down - No Credit Check Required? Do you think people might answer an ad?

Our lenders finance phones with no credit check. This fits what the vast majority of people are looking for. They want a higher end phone, but, without paying the full retail price up front. Now, with Phone Funding YOUR market for cell service customers just increased dramatically.


The process is simple. Post ads for free on Craigslist & Advertise our various phones - explaining our NO CREDIT CHECK finance option. When they respond to you - send them to our site - AND - send them your Marketing Information.

This is how you build your list of people. Free - no hassling friends & relatives.

Register at the top of this page. It's totally free to join! You will be sent sample ads to start running and you will also be updated as we continue to improve.
As you build your team, show them how to use this site and our methods to build their team. You must start with a basic list of people. This gets your people interested in prepaid wireless, and it shows your team how to get their lists going - FREE.

Find Out "How to Market"